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Leading organisations are working to embed security into their software development processes and tools – we can help you get there.

Time to change

With shorter and more frequent dev cycles, smarter exploitation tools and large volumes of applications to protect with limited resources, it’s clear the approach to application security needs to change. Smart organisations are are embedding application security tools and processes from the design phase.

Application Security expertise

Having extensive experience with application security tools and processes through training and consultancy we can help you to stay ahead in the application security curve by reducing the vulnerabilities before the application hits production.

DevSecOps training

Our live instructor led DevSecOps training is available for private delivery, or via public courses with us or our worldwide training partners. Based around a real lab environment our hands-on course will take you through the key principles as we build a number of open source tools into a CI/CD environment – finding and fixing bugs along the way. See here for details of the course and dates/times.

We also offer secure application coding training for developers. Click here for more.

Training Course Overview

Modern enterprises are implementing the technical and cultural changes required to embrace DevOps methodology by introducing practices such Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Monitoring (CM) and Infrastructure as Code(IaC).

DevSecOps extends DevOps by introducing security into each of these practices giving a level of security assurance in the final product. In this course, we will demonstrate using our state-of-the-art DevSecOps Lab how to effectively inject security in CI, CD, CM and IaC.

SDLC Consultancy and advice

If you’re just starting the journey of building security into your SLDC, or if you are well down the road; from building a whole compliancy programme to adding expertise into a specific area - we can help.

Requirements gathering

We can help with Threat modelling exercises and Security Architecture Reviews of your application environment and/or your development environment. We have specific processes for cloud security assessments.


Looking to deploy Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST)? We can help and have specific expertise with Semgrep deployments to help audit application code and Inspec for infrastructure code (as well as one off code analysis projects).

Deployment and testing

Working closely with customers and technology partners.

From standard pen testing, Continuous Security Testing, or help with deployment of automated tooling, talk to us to see how we can help.

Our customers say...

As both ethical hackers and industry recognized hacker trainers, we have always been impressed with NotSoSecure’s advisory and penetration testing services. NSS works with us in a timely fashion and ensures they uncover potential flaws which impose a significant risk to the business. The technical skillsets of these resources are commendable, the researchers contextualize information on test principles and articulate the risk in a way that layman’s of business can understand.

Through their overall flexibility and professional approach, they have become a trusted partner in the Application Security program space.

Mithun Rajoor
S&P Global Head of Application Security

Technical resources

We have given talks and written a number of blogs around SDLC security. Check out our blog page for the full list, but here are a few highlights:

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