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Stay secure on the move

Stay secure on the move

With the huge proliferation of mobile applications comes the need for robust security testing to validate that mobile applications are defending systems and data to the same level as the standard web application.

The aim of the exercise is to validate that the mobile application is coded securely, preventing attackers from subverting authentication controls, escalating privileges, introducing malicious code or manipulating the application’s functionality to achieve their goals. Any failure to mask and/or store sensitive information correctly could lead to leakage and its use by applications other than the intended.

What we test

What we test

We tailor penetration testing to your specific mobile application and have developed robust yet flexible testing methodologies that will give you peace of mind.

  • The encryption of data both in transit and at rest
  • Web services
  • Information disclosure through local data storage
  • APIs cached data such as application backgrounds

75% or more mobile apps would fail basic security tests


65% of organisations feel that ‘rush to release’ software results in more mobile app vulnerabilities.

The State of Mobile Application Insecurity, Ponemon Institute for IBM.

From a hacker's perspective, every area represents an opportunity to attack

Our consultancy and advice, will give you context, so you can make effective decisions regarding the security of your infrastructure.

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