Neat new & ridiculous hacks webinar with BeyondTrust

At Black Hat Las Vegas 2015, NotSoSecure launched a new class called ‘Advanced Infrastructure hacking’. The course teaches audience a wide variety of hacking techniques from operating systems to networking devices. The class was the most popular class amongst 60+ classes being taught at Black Hat and had 100 registrations. In this webinar, the authors of the class will share an insight into this class and share some niche topics from the class. In this hour long webinar, NotSoSecure will be diving into lesser covered topics such as:

  • Hacking Oracle Databases.
  • VLAN Hopping
  • Local Privilege Escalation.


Sumit Siddharth is the founder of NotSoSecure Ltd, a specialist IT security firm delivering high-end IT security consultancy and Training. Prior to NotSoSecure, he worked as Head of Penetration Testing for a leading IT security company in UK. He has more than 9 years of experience in Penetration Testing. Sid has authored a number of whitepapers and tools. He has been a Speaker/Trainer at many security conferences including numerous Black Hat, DEF CON, OWASP Appsec, HITB etc. Sid is also a co-author of the book SQL Injection: Attacks and Defence (2nd edition). Over the years, Sid has identified several critical flaws in leading software and helped fix these bugs. These include products from Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, WordPress etc. He has trained several security consultants/penetration testers and helped them get better at their jobs.

Anant Shrivastava is an information security professional with 7 yrs of corporate experience with expertise in Mobile, application and Linux Security. He has trained ~200 delegates at various conferences (Nullcon – 2015, g0s – 2013, c0c0n – 2013, Nullcon – 2012). He holds various industry recognized certifications such as SANS GWAPT (GIAC Certified Web Application Testing and RHCE (RedHat certified Engineer).