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Welcome to NotSoSecure Webinar

Date: 22nd Aug, 2017
Time: 12 noon ET
Duration : 60 Minutes

Talk 1
Title: IPv6 for Pentesters
Duration: 20 Mins
Time: 12:00 - 12:20

Presentation Overview:

Owen will be delivering a brief talk on IPv6 and associated security implications that may impact your network. During the talk, we’ll be looking at common configurations and how these may be abused by just viewing the target from a different perspective.


Owen Shearing is an avid technology enthusiast who has worked in IT for several years, of which the latter 6 have been within the security field. He has been a trainer for our Advanced Infrastructure course at several Blackhat events over the past 12 months.

Talk 2
Title: Down by the Docker
Duration: 20 Mins
Time: 12:20 - 12:40

Presentation Overview

Anant Shrivastava will be touching on some of the techniques we carry out when performing Docker assessments. Most of the time we have to treat Docker containers as ‘normal targets’, but it’s always good to know what’s available to us should we be successful in our exploitation attempts!


Anant Shrivastava is an information security professional with 9+ yrs of corporate experience with expertise in Mobile, application and Linux Security. He has trained ~400 delegates at various conferences (Blackhat US / EU / ASIA, Nullcon - 2015, g0s - 2013, c0c0n - 2013, Nullcon - 2012). Co-author for OWASP Testing guide version4. He is also a lead for project AndroidTamer ( and Code Vigilant (

Talk 3
Title: Custom rules & broken tools
Duration: 20 Mins
Time: 12:40 - 13:00

Presentation Overview:

Will's talk covers hashcat ruleset optimisations, showing how custom rules can maximise password cracking efficiency. He then moves onto password length and tool limitations, show how common tools sometimes don't crack passwords even when we guess correctly!


Will Hunt is an Associate Director @NotSoSecure. For nearly 10 years he's worked in InfoSec, most recently as a hacker and formerly a digital forensic investigator, as well as delivering training in both areas.

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