“With our 10+ years experience in Penetration Testing and IT security, the depth of our knowledge and expertise, plus our tailor-made approach to each engagement that sets us apart…”


In forming NotSoSecure, the founders set out to build a company that was globally recognised in the field of Penetration Testing and Hacking Training but also one that kept true to its roots of being a boutique specialist firm; practical, to the point, relationship oriented.

We Hack, We Teach

That’s about it. Key to NotSoSecure is the fact that we keep our trading model extremely simple.
No distractions, no conflicts of interest, a focus on what the business is really good at.

Our Work

This is around the world, primarily in the USA (West and East), UK and Northern / Western Europe.

Working Around the Globe;

Founded in the UK
Founded in Cambridge UK, with operations in India.

Our Training Partners

NotSoSecure Hacking Training is available globally. Public and private delivery is with QA and other Partners.

The Founders

NotSoSecure was founded by two industry-recognised people; Dan Haagman is a well-known Cyber Security entrepreneur (14 years in the market) who founded one of the UK’s leading Pen Testing, Hacking Education and Computer Forensics companies that was acquired by the Global Management Consultancy, PA Consulting in 2011.

Sumit “Sid” Siddharth (10 years in the market) is known to be one of the leading world experts on Penetration
Testing and as a BlackHat speaker and trainer. Sid heads NotSoSecure’s Hacking Team and leads the creation of
our Intellectual Property.